The PERFORMANCE SKID ™ as developed by Hartl is a highly flexible drive unit and docking station suitable for all hydraulic attachments, such as bucket crushers, screeners, separators, shredders, etc.

These attachments can be fixed easily and quickly, which is a huge improvement in performance terms as no time is wasted in intake of material and rotation. Once fitted with our quick coupling system all conventional attachments can be quickly and reliably adapted and mounted.


Max. lifting height mm 4490
Max. load kg 5500
Max. reach mm 2800
Oil flow l/min 0-205
Oil pressure bar 250
Motor capacity kW 105
Electric V/A/Hz/Ph 380-400/262/50/5
Dimensions L/W/H mm 5550/2300/2150
Weight kg 10000

The whole kinematics system of the PERFORMANCE SKID ™ is remote controllable.

This allows the attachment’s operating position to be continuously adjusted for height, moved backward and forwards, and tipped frontally as required.

Two high-performing electric motors operate two separate hydraulic circuits, and ensure a continuous power supply to the attachment on the one hand and to the boom on the other hand.  The hydraulic circuit for the attachment can be activated forwards and backwards simply by pressing a button.

The modern swing door technology provides optimum access for all kinds of maintenance and repair operations. The PERFORMANCE SKID ™ as standard is equipped with centralized lubrication, and leakage-free SAE hydraulic fittings.

The PERFORMANCE SKID ™ can run on mere electricity by attaching it to a power supply or, if not available, to a diesel generator. In this respect, the high-efficiency electro-motors ensure a clear reduction in fuel consumption, compared with diesel-driven hydraulic motors. As a result, the PERFORMANCE SKID ™ driven plant unit really is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly mobile processing technology solution.

Low laden weight, standard container dimensions and standard roto frames for fork-lift attachments ensure simple and above all cost-effective transportation.