Hartl Conveyor Belt

The HARTL CONVEYOR BELT stands out with its sturdy construction, compact transport dimensions, high conveying capacity and low maintenance costs.

The product allows cross-industry conveyance of bulk goods and general cargo.

The conveyor belt is suitable to directly feed the HARTL Screen Plant or for use as a discharge conveyor for the individual categories in a HARTL Screen Plant. The feed hopper can load the HARTL Conveyor Belt directly from a jaw crusher bucket or a screening bucket. The products are used for working with natural rock, recycling and in agriculture. In combination with a permanent magnet, the conveyor belt can be used as a sorting conveyor. We take pride in using top quality materials and components.

Model HCB5000
Length in 196.85
Conveyor belt width in 23.62
Chevron profile width in 19.68
Chevron profile height in 0.63
Discharge height in 94.48
Conveyor velocity in ft/s 5.6
Max. slope in degrees 25
Motor power output in kW 3
Amperage in A 7.5
Electrical 3-phase 380/400V; 50 Hz
Dimensions / weight  
Length in 208.27
Width in 51.57
Height in 111.81
Weight lbs 1,676

The conveyor belt was designed to be foldable and thus to be easily fitted with a finished endless belt.