HARTL Crusher Service


The Trouble shooting must be performed with the machine off, the parking brakes applied (if attached to an excavator) and the bucket crusher resting on the ground. ALWAYS wear appropriate PPE. Use genuine HARTL Spare Parts and Tools only.

Crusher Operation

Crusher does not Start

Check all wear and tear parts such as wear plates, jaws, toggle plate, toggle seat, flywheel and counterbalance weight, jawstock, bearing houses and shaft if any damage has occurred. Replace them by genuine spare parts or let them repaired by an authorised Specialist.
Belt tension is not correct. Belt is torn up or not right tensioned. Tension or renew belt.
Jaws are blocked by material inside the bucket opening. Clean the bucket crusher completely of blocked material between the jaws. If necessary, jiggle carefully the bucket crusher. Make sure, that no non-crushable material has been used.
Hydraulic connections are interchanged. Correct connection.
Gate Valve is Closed. (Excavator) Open it.

Low Power

Check Hydraulic Flow Setting Correct the Flow Setting
Adjust Hydraulic Block – Flow Control Valve
Check Hydraulic Pressure Setting Correct the Pressure Setting
Adjust Hydraulic Block – pressure relief valve
Arm-, Swing- or Boompriority for Hydraulics (Excavator) Deactivate Priority Hydraulics.
Do not move /swing boom and arm during crushing process.
Multivee Belt slips.Belt is torn or not right tensioned. Tension or renew belt.

Low Production

RPM of the Eccentric shaft is to low or to fast Adjust Hydraulic Oil Flow Setting on the Excavator until Eccentric Shaft Turns with about 350rpm
Adjust Hydraulic Block Flow Control Valve until Eccentric Shaft Turns with about 350rpm


Check quick change coupling mounted on the bucket crusher if it is loose. Tighten Bolts and Screws.
Damage of Bearing occurred. Replace the Bearings involved by genuine spare parts and grease them.
Check Position of Flywheel Adjust Flywheel and Counterbalance Weight Position.

Hydraulic Fail

Hydraulic Oil Pressure and/or Oil Flow is not correct. Check Oil Supply from the Excavator.
Temperature of the Hydraulic Oil is to High (90°C) Check Oil Supply from the Excavator.
Oil is leaking. Retighten or repair Hydraulic Connectors if they are loose.
Shaft Seal from Hydraulic Motor Check that Drain Line is Connected direct to the Hydraulic Tank of the Excavator.
Check that Pressure on the Drain Line is below 3bar
Check Quick Coupling (In, Out and Drain)
Open Gate Valves (In, Out and Drain)

Toggle falls out

Tension of Pull Back Rod Check Setting of Springs (270mm HBC1250/HBC950/HBC750) or 200mm HBC650)
Excavator Driver is trying to turn (blocking) material inside the crusher, with shaking and wobbling the bucket crusher. Reverse the Bucket Crusher and release (blocking) Material. Refeed the Bucket Crusher.

Jawstock do not move downwards when opening the Spring

Blocking Material inside the Crusher Empty Bucket Crusher.
Wear Plate touches the moving jaw. Push down Jawstock.
Damaged Crusher Wall Replace them by genuine spare parts or let them repaired by an authorised Specialst.

Jawstock do not move upwards when tightening the Spring

Check if Toggleplate is inside the upper and lower Togglebed. Reopen Spring, push Toggleplate inside Beds and retighten Spring.

No Water at Sprinkler

Check forward direction of Check Valve Turn Check Valve

Magnet does not operate

Check Clamp in Electro-Box between 7 and 9 Remove Clamp between 7 and 9 inside Box.
Check alignment of the Electro Plug Assembly Plug that all wires will be connected with the Wire of the same colour. (Blue, Brown and Yellow-Green)
Connection to Excavator power supply system. Check if the Wires are Connected correct. Blue to (-), Brown to (+) and Yellow-Green to (ground)